Vitalia Treatment 3 products Pack. Vitalia Treatment.


Vitalia Treatment 3 products Pack: Eye contour+Serum+Cream. Vitalia Treatment.

Latest generation cocktail that deeply nourishes and regenerates the skin so it can regain all its luminosity, thanks to the regenerative active vegetable mothers cells and two nectars extracted from Madagascan vanilla, which combine perfectly to provide polyketones and a blend of heterosides for the skin, acting deep within the skin’s cells on all the vital factors that are essential to combat the sign of aging.



Compose by:

  • Eye contour. 30ml. Vitalia Treatment.

For the area around the eyes, correcting the signs of aging, wrinkles, drooping and dullness with a spectacular effect. Instantly smoothens, returns firmness, and visibly decreases under-eye shadows.

  • Renovating serum. 40ml. Vitalia Treatment.

The latest high technology formula that strengthens the exterior of the cells, protecting the cell nucleus and activating the renovation process.

  • Moisturising cream 24h. 50ml. Vitalia Treatment.

24 hour moisturising and protective treatment. With active vegetable mother cells. SPF 15.

Long-lasting moisture for sensitive skin; strengthens from within and protects from UVA and UVB rays.



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