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Pharmaceutical cosmetic innovations from Thader Pharma S.L.

50 years’ experience

For more than 50 years our cosmetics and cosmetic medicine departments have created formulas for make-up and hair and body care, based on scientific research and continual technological innovation.

The best quality is the best choice.

At TH we use quality control systems, manipulation practices and traceability through each stage of the production process to guarantee our formulas, certified as ISO9001 and ISO22716. All TH Pharma products have passed through rigorous tests for effectiveness, tolerance and hypo-allergens.

We use pharmaceutical-quality water in our production.

We make our products with pharmaceutical-quality water through our Eco-Hydro purification inverse osmosis system, which we also reuse for the cooling procedure in the manufacturing cycles to ensure a more environmentally-friendly process.


  • Prevents possible impurities during stoppage.
  • Does not alter water mineralisation..
  • Optimises the organoleptic aspects of water: colour, taste and smell.
  • Uses the water to its full potential.
  • Minimises maintenance, by using physical techniques for treating the water.

Active vegetable mother cells

Th Pharma makes a huge leap in the quality and innovation of its products, with the incorporation of active vegetable mother cells in its formulas, derived from the UTTWILLER SPÄTLAUBER apple.


  • Stimulates the proliferation of human mother cells.
  • Reduces expression lines and wrinkles.
  • Anti-oxidant effect.
  • Promotes radiant, young and healthy-looking skin.






The quality of our products is proven by the successful sale of millions of examples. We prioritise the use of eco-certified raw materials, and are paraben and isothiazolinone-free. We work with the most innovative active ingredients, and our I+D+i department is run by internationally-qualified chemists who collaborate with academic and governmental research institutes. With such productive foundations we are able to achieve formulas with highly effective biological action.




We prioritise the use of eco-certified raw materials.


  • Use of ingredients from renewable sources
  • No transgenic materials, parabens, phenoxyethanol etc.
  • A minimum content of natural ingredients from organic sources