6 products kit. BB Sensitive. TH Pharma


6 products kit. BB Sensitive.

Composed by: Gel Shampoo 500ml. + Moisturising body milk 500ml. + No-rinse cleansing fluid 500ml. + Eau de toilette 500ml. + Nappy cream balsam 100ml. + Facial moisturising cream 60ml.

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Specially formulated for washing your baby’s fine delicate hair, gently cleansing while maintaining the acidic balance of the scalp. Easy to rinse, no-tears formula.

Instructions for use:

Apply a small amount to the palm of the hand and wipe gently onto the hair without rubbing. Rinse with water.

 Non-greasy body milk that is easily applied and quickly absorbed, leaving the skin silky and hydrated, ideal for daily moisturising for small and new-born babies.

With highly moisturising properties from its content in shea butter, for regeneration, hydration and repair.

Essential oils of calendula and chamomile, with soothing, healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Effectively strengthens the hydro-lipid layer to maintain a natural level of hydration. Protects from sunlight and heat.

 Cleansing fluid to gently soothe and refresh skin. Ideal for babies.

Cleanses, moisturises and protects delicate baby skin by creating a defensive barrier against the loss of natural moisture, due to active ingredients:

  • Aloe vera, soothing.
  • Oats, reparative.
  • Glycerol, moisturising.

Instructions for use:

Ideal for cleansing any area of baby’s skin without soap. High in regenerative, moisturising and soothing properties. NO-RINSE.

Delicate touch of fresh citrus and mild fruity aroma, specially created for the baby because of its low alcohol content.

Moisturising and protective formula for daily use, rich in calendula, provitamin B5 and chamomile. With solar filters to protect against UVA and UVB rays.

Instructions for use:

Apply a small amount to clean dry skin, and massage in gently until absorbed. If necessary re-apply the product.


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