LED lamp. One Step

LED lamp: 6W LED lamp for drying permanent nail polish. Dries each coat in just 30 seconds.

Instructions for use: See instructions in the box.

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LED lamp: 6W LED lamp for drying permanent nail polish. Dries each coat in just 30 seconds.


– Read the manual carefully before use.

– Voltage: 5V/1A 50-60HZ 6W (3 2W LED bulbs).

– Size: 130x101x60mm.

– Weight 126g.

– Plug into the mains before switching on.

– Press the switch on the bottom of the lamp to switch on (the lamp will switch off automatically after the drying time).

– If the lamp gets too hot, remove the hand and let it cool down before continuing with the application.

– The drying effect of the LED bulbs wears off before the bulbs stop working. If the lamp does not dry the polish correctly, change the bulbs using our technical service.

– Disconnect from the mains and store in its box when not in use.


Do not use with other electrical components. Disconnect from the mains before cleaning. Clean with a dry cloth.


– Specifically designed to dry ONE STEP LONG-LASTING NAIL POLISH. Not for any other use.

– Do not leave the lamp switched on unsupervised.

– Disconnect when not in use.

– Allow to cool before storing.

– Do not bring into contact with water or touch with wet hands.

– Keep out of reach of children.

– Do not look directly at the bulbs or the inside of the lamp when switched on.

– Do not touch the LED bulbs when the lamp is hot or switched on.

– Do not manipulate the LED bulbs. This should only be done by a technician.

– Observe the recommended exposition times.



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