Magical Oil. 30ml. V-Ministral C


Non-greasy magical oil.

Antioxidant formulated to aid and balance the skin’s hydrolipid barrier, increasing firmness and boosting cell regeneration and nighttime repair.

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Magical Oil. 30ml. V-Ministral C

Pure vitamin C
A powerful antioxidant that prevents damage to the cells’ DNA from exposure to free radicals and UV rays. It increases the synthesis of collagen, which is a protein that occurs naturally in young skin but which decreases with age.
Vitamin C also has a strong non-irritant lightening effect that reduces fine lines, minimises wrinkles, reduces redness, and restores the skin’s elasticity, balance and glow.

Proteins found naturally in the skin, which are macro molecules essential to maintaining the cells that keep the skin taught, elastic and stable. They can retain up to a thousand times their molecular weight in water, and form part of the cellular membrane and the extracellular and interior matrix. Age, sunlight, tobacco and other aggressive factors contribute to destabilising these proteins, reducing their firmness and elasticity.

Instructions for use:
Apply 3 to 5 drops at night using the palm of the hand to gently press into the face, neck and décolletage. No greasy sensation. Can be combined with Ministral-C Serum or Ministral-C Cream to enrich and boost their results.


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